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Worst Laid Plans - HorrorPack Limited Edition Blu-ray #79

Worst Laid Plans - HorrorPack Limited Edition Blu-ray #79

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Three tales of vacation-themed horror adapted from the bestselling book by Grindhouse Press.

In "Deep in the Heart" a fractured family tries to reconnect while touring a cave system that hides a horrifying secret.

"You've Been Saved" is the story of two reunited friends on a roadtrip full of nostalgia and hangovers. When one of them is slipped a cryptic note by a young girl, their vacation takes a sinister turn.

And finally, with "Taylor Family Vacation '93" a father on vacation, determined to find out the truth behind whoever is stalking his family just out of sight, comes to the sobering realization that the answer he seeks might just be hidden within the contents of his video camera.

Shot in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, WORST LAID PLANS is the most ambitious independent horror anthology you'll see this year!

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